Friday, November 7, 2008

Count Dracula ( but i prefer to call it Count Dra-ku-la)

Sigh, so here's the thing i was over at a friends house yesterday to watch count dracula and use the internet. But what happened was, a movie marathon of Adam Sandler movie. Man do i miss those, there were the older ones of Mr.Deed and Anger Management. With the Count Dracula classic in between.

Mr.Deed went well enough but as i had already watch it before and have a good memory of movies, i practically remembered everything. As such i had to dish out spoilers to the impatient movie goers as well as to keep my self from getting bored.

Then there was Count Dracula, now this was a fine movie in 1992, but at this day and age i find myself critiquing from the beginning to the end. There was this scene in it where Lucy was bitten by Dracula in the middle of this beautiful bed. But for the life of me i couldn't understand why the blood was splashing from the bottom of the left and right hand side of the bed like a gyser.

Well that was among the few sarcastic comments that i made that night.

Then we watched 'Anger Management'. However this made me even more bored... i was drowsy and started to get comfortable. And what do you know pretty soon i was asleep. and that was the end except i had to sleep on the floor and it was bloody freezing cold.

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