Friday, October 3, 2008

as yet unintitled

Ok, Here's a thought, I'm pretty bored today so i though I'd start a new story.


"Ok, so here's the thing. why are we sitting here together on a Friday night instead of going on a hot date."

"Well... we're too picky"

"Maybe you are but I'm not. Hell I'll take anyone so long as I feel lust. But the thing is I don't and the ones that I do feel even the stirings of lust for is taken and I draw the line at poaching. Maybe I should start seeing a psychiatrist."

Snorting, Ellie replied, "Hah, he's probably tell you you're respressed or something."

"What about you Win, you're cute and bubbly and all ways happy. Why are you still single?"

"Hell if i know. All the man treat me as one of the guys! One of the guys of all things."

"Yeah, we should really try to get you out of that label."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Ellie has it all and yet she won't settle. You really have to get over that two timing, sly bastard you kmow. It isn't worth it wasting all the good guys because of what the asshole did. You're worth must more than that and you can plainly see by the number of guys that are after you."

"Are you sure that after me for me and not for how the way I look. Because I seriously beg to differ."

Shaking her head, Mitch said, "I will never understand men and they say women are complicated"

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