Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day in Hunting Houses

Alright, it’s Sunday and I’m seriously tired and bored. I got so damned tired from hiking/walking all around Brisbane yesterday in an attempt in finding rooms for my brother and sister.

The initial plan was just to inspect one house, ONE! But then I had to be a good sister (and also look out for my interest because I do not want to be stranded at the end of my term with no place to stay) and just make sure they the room my sister found was a good deal, but also not the only deal. So there I want and searched the web high and low for houses/rooms for rent and come up with several opportunities.

However, as luck would have it the time was past 5pm by 10 minutes! Damn and double DAMN! My retched luck. Oh yeah the reason why I was so hard working is because the place that my sibs want me to have look at requires me to arrive there by 9am!!!

I had to get up at 5am to get reason to catch the 6.06am bus to catch a train to get to Brisbane. IT took nearly 3 hours for me to get to the house in Windsor! And for what? For such a crappy, old, falling apart House! It had a washing machine in the basement with no light and unidentified stuff on the ground. It was not only creepy it was also disgusting! After talking with the man, I went on to call my sister to report my findings. Guess what? The damn phone was turned off… and I only have 5 minutes of credit left! So I had to call my mom and thank god she was awake and asked her to wake my sister up and fortunately for me she did.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the damned washing machine requires money to run! I mean WTF? So the conclusion was NO! HELL NO WAY were they want to stay there even if it was only $125 a week inclusive of utilities.

So at a loss of what to do I took a train back to Central Station found a seat and proceeded to search for more houses on the wed. Luckily for me there was several house, the unfortunate part was that almost all the inspection were scheduled for weekdays! And damn it my class and workshops are everyday from 9am to 5pm every Monday to Friday.

For the ones that I managed to make it on Saturday I went but I can tell you now it was either fight with a mob for a house or seriously sucky houses. My last chance came in the way of a reply for rooms wanted on and lo and behold I found a jackpot and my search was over.

The whole expedition came to an end at 5pm and the landlord was kind enough to drop me at a train station!

It was then that I realize that I had not eaten the whole damned day@! But had inadvertently managed to spend over $20 on drinks. This is despite the fact that I brought my own water for the day. By the time I took my dinner (which I severely needed), catch a train and then later a bus home it was 9pm. I was ready to sleep in my cloths the only that was putting it off was that I was so sticky. By the time I took a bath and showed… Gerard called…. Despite the fact that it was a long long day and an extremely tiring one, that one call made my day and settled my heart and gave me peace. Until now, I still wonder how I’m so lucky. Sigh… and I do realize that I turn into an extremely mushy person the minute I start thinking about him.

Hehehehe but it was great to fall asleep to the sound of his voice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Arriving in Gold Coast

I have officially arrived in Gold Coast. To tell you the truth this still feels surreal.

First to tell you my plane ride experience. It was a mix between hell and so-so but mostly hell. The plane has changed. This new one from Air Asia Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast flight is totally uncomfortable. (I.e. if you are tall like me). This plane ride further deteriorated when I was forced to seat between 2 guys. The guy who had the window seat was a damn talker! He said that he was from Korea and that if we don’t mind he would like to talk to us. (Being me and the aisle seat guy who for the life of me I can’t remember his name). I told the window seat guy MR. W that I have not had much sleep and is totally stressed out and would like to sleep (since it was a night flight anyway). He nodded.

Nodded but the aisle seat guy, MR. A said sure. And I thought well shit now I can’t sleep.

So there I was I the middle with a headache and this W talking at the top of his lungs while I’m trying to catch some shut eye.

But every time he made some commend about Malaysia I had to but it. While I’m so patriotic I draw the line at anyone bad mouthing my country in front of my face.

So anyway this went on all the way until 2am when I just couldn’t give a damn anymore. And thank god somewhere through the idiot shut up. But even so the seat was damned uncomfortable. But I have to say when I woke up I was already in Australia and I have to say the view was spectacular.
What else?
Oh yeah I made a big mistake at the airport. I accidentally left my handbag at customs and only realized it when I tried to purchase reload for my phone number outside. I can tell you I totally freaked out and ran to the nearest security guard and asked for help, and thank god just when we reached the entrance to look for it the customs guy came out with the bag. I would like to say again thank god for the luck and the end of the drama.
I’ve since moved into my room and have been setting up my nest since. I say since because there’s no freaking shopping mall nearby. The nearest one is at least 10 mins away by bus. I have already taken 5 trips but I’m still far away from finished. This is because I have no damn car!! I want one but can’t afford one at the moment because my freaking course does not allow me to get a part time job! How shitty is that?!

As a result I am now considering an online business. I’m not sure if I will succeed but I can only hope. I’m still working a game plan on that. Was thinking of maybe a baking or food business.

Oh well until next then…