Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The New Medi Bac Travel Kit

I must say, I have an affinity for natural/organic based product. The reason? Because in today’s world we are always, and I do mean always surrounded by pollution both internally with what we consume and externally in what we breathe due to pollution in the air and sun.

For this reason, I chose Dermalogica's Medi Bac kit. This Medi Bac kit is actually the new and improved formula of the original acne kit. It’s reasonably priced, here in Hobart it’s available for only $65 for the whole kit and it has essentially everything you need for short term or just to test the product out before buying the normal to jumbo sized bottles.

Now this kit contains a Clearing Skin Wash that is 1.7 Fl Oz/50ml. Now I have to say for those who do not like the herbs smell please think twice. Though its scent is not strong, to those who are terribly particular please give some thought about whether you are able to tolerate the smell before buying the normal sized bottle. As I have a combination skin type, I say that the its both effective at the oily areas of the skin as well as gentle on the dry areas as it does not overdry the skin. This product is known to wash away excess surface oil on the skin and helps clear congested follicles as wells as calm inflammation. All you need is one pump.

The second product in this kit is the Clearing Mattifier that is 0.5 FL Oz/15ml. This product is matte it nature. All you need for the whole face is less than a pea size drop. What is does it helps to control the shine of the face as well as smooths out the skin texture. It also diminishes certain fine lines (it’s not a miracle worker) and clear congestion.

The third product is the Oil Control Lotion (SAMPLE). However it’s only a sample. This lotion is lovely and light oil-free moisturiser. It hydrates the skin, helps reduce shine and provides a certain matte finish. *NOTE: the matte finish of the Clearing Mattifier is the best for the matte effect.

The fourth product is my favourite. It’s the Overnight Clearing Gel that is 0.5 FL Oz/15ml. Put just a little bit on the pimple whether it’s just emerging or have broken out and inflamed. It’s used after cleansing your face but before the moisturiser. Wait for it to dry out first before applying the moisturiser. This product helps to subside or dry the pimple without drying the area around it. This product generally helps to take off pore clogging cells as well as aid skin clearing. However as its name indicates it’s only to be used at night.

The day treatment is the fifth product which is the Concealing Spot Treatment that is 0.1 FL Oz/3ml. This is a naturally tinted product that contains sulphur. I cannot give a personal view on this as I am allergic to sulphur. However to get around this problem I used the Overnight Clearing Gel in the day as well. What is does is dry out the pimple during the day under your make-up.

The last product in this kit is the Sebum Clearing Masque that is 0.75 FL Oz/22ml. This is only used after cleansing. What it is is a cooling type mask that absorbs excess surface oil as well as purifies the skin. It can be used over the entire face and throat or just in the T-zone area. However your must avoid the eye area.

The entire product except the mask must be used daily. I love this kit and would strongly recommend it to my friends who have similar problems. The price and size of this kit is great for people who would like to travel or tryout a new product. However I would say that the only thing missing from this kit is the toner.

Overall this product is a 5/5.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The grey week gone by

Ok, here's the deal... after a smashing long and boring last week (with the exception to an extremly hot fishing day) my week was so... so... boring.

Even though i had fun at a friends birthday party on that wednesday... it was still completely dull! gray! and lifeless!

You'd think a girl will go crazy and wild after an exam wouldn't you. Sigh... so i thought to myself you really must find something to do. So what i did was...

I took a writing course! You'd i'd come up with something better. So anyway its a romance writing course... hopefully i'd be better able to progress with my book. I'm currently stuck at the part where they got together but not...

See! Does this even makes sense to you? Yeah well... its coming now. Hopefully the conversation get better too.

Oh yeah, I invited the birthday boy as well as my close friends here Jerine and Marcus. OH, and the two guys i've been hanging outwith Calvin and Arvid. I made char kwey teow! And man was it a success! a little bit spicy for the last place but a success nonetheless. I also made bubur kacang hijau or mung bean porridge! It was perfect! and made a none eater a tryer at least.

So... that was last week. Hopefully this week will be better.

Friday, November 7, 2008

To eat or not to eat? To eat of course!


I have been obsessed with good food lately and am clueless as to the reason why.

But then, my exams are over (woohoo) to that. I guess since i have time now i should be cooking. Ummm... all the sinfully delicious, luscious and mouthwatering foods.

So what would be good to sink you teeth into? A gooie, smooth decadent chocolate cake? An apple crumble that is sweet, sour but a bit of crunch? or a naturally sweet and wonderfully smelling orange cake that reminds you of home?

All these choices and so little time.... oh dear me...

Count Dracula ( but i prefer to call it Count Dra-ku-la)

Sigh, so here's the thing i was over at a friends house yesterday to watch count dracula and use the internet. But what happened was, a movie marathon of Adam Sandler movie. Man do i miss those, there were the older ones of Mr.Deed and Anger Management. With the Count Dracula classic in between.

Mr.Deed went well enough but as i had already watch it before and have a good memory of movies, i practically remembered everything. As such i had to dish out spoilers to the impatient movie goers as well as to keep my self from getting bored.

Then there was Count Dracula, now this was a fine movie in 1992, but at this day and age i find myself critiquing from the beginning to the end. There was this scene in it where Lucy was bitten by Dracula in the middle of this beautiful bed. But for the life of me i couldn't understand why the blood was splashing from the bottom of the left and right hand side of the bed like a gyser.

Well that was among the few sarcastic comments that i made that night.

Then we watched 'Anger Management'. However this made me even more bored... i was drowsy and started to get comfortable. And what do you know pretty soon i was asleep. and that was the end except i had to sleep on the floor and it was bloody freezing cold.