Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The grey week gone by

Ok, here's the deal... after a smashing long and boring last week (with the exception to an extremly hot fishing day) my week was so... so... boring.

Even though i had fun at a friends birthday party on that wednesday... it was still completely dull! gray! and lifeless!

You'd think a girl will go crazy and wild after an exam wouldn't you. Sigh... so i thought to myself you really must find something to do. So what i did was...

I took a writing course! You'd i'd come up with something better. So anyway its a romance writing course... hopefully i'd be better able to progress with my book. I'm currently stuck at the part where they got together but not...

See! Does this even makes sense to you? Yeah well... its coming now. Hopefully the conversation get better too.

Oh yeah, I invited the birthday boy as well as my close friends here Jerine and Marcus. OH, and the two guys i've been hanging outwith Calvin and Arvid. I made char kwey teow! And man was it a success! a little bit spicy for the last place but a success nonetheless. I also made bubur kacang hijau or mung bean porridge! It was perfect! and made a none eater a tryer at least.

So... that was last week. Hopefully this week will be better.

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jerine said...

oh...it's mung bean. i thought monk bean. cos it's round and shiny... just like monks head