Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuck Bored and going insane

Hi everyone!

In case you're wondering what's up with the heading.. well its exactly as it is!

I'm stuck at home doing my assessments!

I'm so fucking bored from working on it for so long and its not even interesting work!

I'm so going insane from being stuck and chained to my work desk with unimaginative, uninteresting work!!!!

I know most people would say suck it up! but hell! its my damn blog and I"m gonna spew all my venom here. (since there is no one else to spew it to at the moment since they are dead asleep).

Therefore I will have a things I am so going to do even though I'm broke~
1. Go for a SPA because god knows I need it.
2. Go for a mani and pedi
3. Go looting for nail polish and do a new color everyday!
4. Go hunting for a new conditioner! Since I just finished my L'oreal Professional Hair SPA
5. Go clubbing
6. Go shopping
7. Finally put up my site & page so that I can start selling makeup brushes! Whoot!
8. Write more reviews
9. Put up my youtube makeup tutorial

Plus whatever crap that I can think up..

Phew.. that was refreshing.

Well I'm all rung out. Good night toots!

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