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Concealer Review. Lancome, Dior, MAC, Paul & Joe & Maybeline

Concealer, I believe is one of the most essential product for a working lady. Why? Because we are stressed, we have bills, we have children and we have to take care of the home. This in turns causes us our banes like dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles among the few to occur on our faces and let’s face it. All of us are vain, even those of us who say they are not ARE deep deep down. Because lets face it if someone tells you, you are beautiful, gorgeous, that you are pretty and you feel happy/glad/proud/ecstatic. YOU ARE VAIN.

There comes along a product, the concealer. Its meant to cover up and make these ugly makes on our faces disappear. Now the issue comes is how do we find the right concealer? Why should we bother? Especially so for people who have no time for it.

The right concealer…

In the cosmetic market there are a lot of concealers available. The most important step is to find one that actually covers up that mark on your face. Because let’s face it why should we bother getting one that only covers it up halfway or so-so? If you get a really good one you can actually control the extent of the coverage that you want to achieve. The other really important point in looking for a concealer is to get one that does not cause you old seeds under your eye. What happens with some concealer is that it causes you to develop old seed in the under eye area of your eye. (where your dark circles are*). It looks like white dots, and its usually quite fine and obvious if you’re looking for it.

You must, must avoid this at all cost. I’ve seen this on many women’s and men’s faces and I don’t think they realize they have it. Its almost impossible to remove it one you have it. I’ve check it out (I have one spot and had consider removing it) and it cost a bomb for the treatment and if they do remove it there will be a GAPING HOLE under your eye where they remove it. Admittedly it would be small, but it would be obviously and I’m not really to have an hole/indentation under my eye.

As I have really bad dark circles (courtesy of me typing late at night), I need one that can completely hide it. I’ve tried many brands such as

Dior Skin Flash

I’ve tried this out and it’s decent to have in your handbag for a touch up when you’re on the go but the coverage is not all that great, especially if you want to hide really dark pigmentation. It has a sheer, creamy texture. It’s pretty good to hide dark circles if they are not that bad (meaning colors that are closer to a bruise). It’s blend easily and well. The only issue I have with this is that it had limited shades and is only suitable for fair skin. As I’m a bit tanned I couldn’t find one that suits my skin tone. My sister however did and she’s in love with it. I’d give this a 4 / 5 rating

Maybelline Cover Stick

I’ve tried this as well. It’s decent and cheap. But still not 5/5 rating. I wouldn’t use it under my eye but I would use it on my face, especially around the nose where it tends to be red and my pimple scars.

Paul & Joe

I’ve tried this too. It’s creamy and it glides on smoothly. But again the coverage is ok but not fantastic. I had some issues with this because it creases easily. Not too shabby but it’s a bit hard to find. All in all I’d give it a 4/5 rating


What to say about this? Again to borrow it’s pretty much the same quality as the Dior mentioned above. I have no issues with the oil seed problem with this and its pretty decent if you don’t have really terrible dark circles. Its smooth and it glades on well. 3/5 rating.


MAC, MAC, MAC what can I say? It’s fabulous! Its covers everything up! From pimples to the worst pigmented scars!

It covers up any scars I want to cover with no fuss. It has thick and smooth texture when you use it. The best way to use this is with a brush or your finger. For the under eye area I’d suggest a concealer brush and you pat it on. If you’re using your finger, run your finger gently in a circular motion to transfer the product onto your finger and transfer it to the back of your hand. Warm the concealer up a bit more(this occurs when you rub your finger on the concealer on your skin, your body temperature warms it up) and with your smallest finger dab it onto the dark circles. Do not drag as this causes wrinkles.

For face scar, you do not need to warm it up as much. You can just dap it onto the affected areas.

So… this is the concealer review.

Hope it’s informative and that it helps. I’ll be putting up a video soon on how to put on foundation and concealer.

Please take a look at it when it’s up!

That’s all for tonight,

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