Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A day of interview

First things first!


Ok, now that I have screamed it out I feel better, though I don’t think it will actually make me remember to bring it around.

I had an assessment for a client interview today. Overall I would say it wasn’t too bad. I did not get any bad comments and had a “you improved” comment and that “you’re not stiff anymore”. I silently did a jig which Jiv always likens to Katherine Heigl in “Ugly Truth”. Though I will always deny it (well… almost always) I have to admit I secretly do it every time some goes well when I least expect it.

I now have 3 hours before I have class again… seriously considering going groceries shopping as I do not have any vegetable left at home. But on the other hand I have to brave rain storms and the possibility being late for my workshop because I have to drop the food back home first.

Decisions, decisions…. What is a girl to do?

Oh did I mention… Gold Coast has one of the most sly rain I have ever seen… it all shiny and bright when you indoors but 3-5 minutes after you’ve left the building it starts to rain like there’s no tomorrow…

Shitty huh?

Did I mention I’m missing Gerard again? Sigh…

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