Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life is so confusing

Ok, shit its been ages since I wrote anything. Can you believe it? Well my best friend would say “duh!”

Alright alright! I get it already. But I still have to defend myself by saying it’s caused by some shitty event after another.

So here’s the thing. Since my last blog I’ve been:

a) Cut off from all internet source

b) Running around like a mad woman applying for Uni because my current Uni decided that it was such a great idea graduating late.

c) Had the shit loads of bad new from 2008 dumped on me in the space of an hour. (mind you this is an hour from touch down in Malaysia)

d) Not even have time to digest that as more bad news gets dump on my feet

e) Arrange to get my butt back to Australia within 3 weeks

f) Met a Great Guy

g) Have to leave just when I met said guy

h) Lonely, friendless new place (however warm it is)

i) Fallin sick and being so damn in pain (psysically that is) that I rushed to the emergency. (Mind you again, I have never ever been into the hospital in my life by my own account and the fact that I have not needed to see a doctor in the last 16 months.

Therefore, this just sucks! Therefore, I really do have a valid reason why I could not blog.

Phew... finally got that out of my system. Feeling so much better now.

BACK to me then, I have been thinking of making apple jam again… been dreaming about it actually. However, I have not found a good container yet to put it in. Was thinking of going to Myers to get something.


Jerine said...

Eh...why no update one?

v i n c e n t said...

just drop back by at your blog. =) thanks for the comments. keep in touch. peace! ^^V